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Tina H.  /  Nashville, TN

I want to send a special thank you to Cory who helped rescue our hamster, Petey, this morning. He definitely went above and beyond the regular call of duty!  Thanks to you all for hiring folks who have a genuine desire to help people. Believe me, plenty of service workers come to our home and our office and they are there do to the job and get out. A company that encourages good will and kind deeds will show through its employees.

At the conclusion of another project I wanted to once again formally thank all of you and your company for the recent work you performed for Clopay, and for me, on our A32 upgrade. This project was unlike any that ABEC has worked on with me for Clopay, but again your company supplied exemplary people to get the job done right. The job required long hours each day, working weekends, and living and driving through some nasty, dangerous weather, yet the men worked with dedication, professionalism, and a sense of doing the job right, and giving Clopay what they needed. I realize that this job took them from their families and their personal lives, and I really appreciate their willingness to do this for us. This is rare to find today and is admirable, as well as being a valuable asset to Clopay to have a company who can provide such men for a job.

Thanks specifically to Ed for putting in the time to figure it all out so that it ran smoothly. Without his dedication to the management of the men and the work, we never could have started up on time. Thanks also to Dylan, who really took the extra time to understand the details of what we were doing on all the E-Stops and the Drives, and for his staying the extra days in case we needed his help. He was great to work with when we went through all of the drive wiring together. Clopay's management has been happier as to how this project turned out, and more congratulatory to those of us involved with it, than I have ever witnessed, so the congratulations also needs to be passed on to your company and men that did such a good job.

In conclusion, thanks again to ABEC for providing Clopay with these skilled men for this project. I have no doubt that it would not have been the success it is considered to be, if not for their hard work and dedication to excellence.

Joe Eckert  /  Senior Project Engineer  /  Clopay PPC

Bill Blewett  /  General Manager  /  Dunlap & Kyle Tire Co., Inc.

Dunlap & Kyle Tire Co., Inc. would like to thank ABEC Electric and especially Doug Elam for bringing our 100,000 sq. ft. warehouse to a whole new "LIGHT."

Doug laid out a plan where we could replace the old expensive operating lighting system with one that gives us more light with a reduced electric bill. We now have sensors that cut the lights on and off in each area as needed. He showed us where we could recoup our entire investment in less than 45 months. My warehouse manager has reported that our team in the warehouse works faster and even has cut back on errors with these new lights. This in turn has reduced our overtime in the warehouse. They brought the job in on time and with little interference to us. If we need anything that requires electrical work, our call list has only four letters, ABEC.

In the fast pace world of construction, we often neglect to take the time to thank those peopole who contribute to the success of our projects.

Over the past several years, Solomon Builders has had the pleasure of working with ABEC Electric Co. on numerous projects including tenant build-outs, new construction and design/build projects. ABEC has truly displayed their ability to perform with professionalism and excellence regardless of the size of the project.

The work ethic and spirit of cooperation exhibited by your company and your employees is greatly appreciated. Your commitment to the "team" and your responsiveness to the demands of schedule and quality has resulted in a successful process and product over and over again.

We look forward to continuing the long-term good working relationship with ABEC Electric Co.

Gregg Turner  /  Principal  /  Solomon Builders

W.R. Newman is a "Design Build" contractor. We rely heavily on our sub-contractors to supplement our expertise in the construction industry. For this reason, we have chosen ABEC Electric Company, Inc. again and again to perform work on our projects. Their professionalism is unsurpassed from design to installation, and completion of their work, whether it be a small office building or heavy industrial work.

When I call on ABEC Electric Company, I know that both the client and our needs will be completely satisfied, because they know that service is job number one.

E. Bryan Knuckles  /  Project Manager  /  W.R. Newman & Associates, Inc.

BACAR Constructors has been associated with ABEC Electric since the company was founded. We have the utmost confidence in their ability to perform a professional job within the time constraints of the construction schedule on any of our commercial or industrial projects. They are a true team player in every sense of the word. 

David Baker

A. Schulman, Inc. Nashville Plant is a compounder of engineering grade thermoplastics supporting injection-molding applications for various industries. The plant operates on a 7 day 24-hour schedule. It is imperative that our production machinery operate at 85% efficiency or better.

ABEC Electric Company Inc. has been an excellent electrical contractor for A. Schulman, Inc. Nashville Plant. ABEC has done jobs from new installations of state of the art extrusion lines to troubleshooting service calls at midnight on Saturday. ABEC continues to be our electrical contractor of choice for future installations and electrical support. This statement is based on the excellent service and workmanship that has been provided since we partnered with ABEC for our electrical needs!

Bill Hilgerson  /  Plant Manager  /  A. Schulman, Inc. Nashville Plant

I would like for this letter to serve as congratulations to the ABEC team for their outstanding work on The Governors Club Golf Clubhouse. The entire team was responsive to our needs and made the opening of our new clubhouse a success in the eyes of both our membership and management team. Our clubhouse was delivered to us ahead of schedule and allowed us to make a smooth transition from our temporary facilities to our permanent home before the start of golf season.

I want to recognize the hard work and effort on the part of the ABEC team that made this construction project a successful one. Each time we encountered an obstacle in the construction process, the ABEC team was on hand to work out a solution. It has been my genuine pleasure to work with such a professional team. Our new golf clubhouse is a proud addition to our community, and we are confident that this building will be enjoyed by our memebers for many years to come.

In closing, let me again reiterate my sincere and heartfelt thanks to the ABEC team.

Philip Jones  /  Operations Manager  /  The Governors Club

We are writing to extend our sincere appreciation for the outstanding work performed by your company on the Clubhouse at the Governors Club. From design through closeout, ABEC Electric performed all aspects of the electrical work in a competent, timely, and professional manner.

Particularly appreciated was your cooperation in implementing and expediting the work associated with the changes in scope requested by the Owner during the latter half of the project. More than one third of ABEC's final subcontract amount was for the work associated with changes made well into the progress of the project. Still, ABEC remained committed to completing the project within the time allotted by the Owner, and was vital in the team's success doing so.

Again, we appreciate the cooperation received from you and your organization, and congratulate you on a job well done. We look forward to more successful projects with ABEC Electric.

Scott Patton  /  Project Manager  /  BACAR Constructors, Inc.

During the past several years, DRC Engineering has been pleased to work with ABEC Electric Co. on many design build projects. ABEC has provided DRC Engineering with an exceptional source of talent in these design build projects offering design input, quality construction techniques and an overall enthusiasm for the construction industry.

The expertise in the electrical construction shown by both the management staff and the installing personnel has been exceptional. Their professionalism is unsurpassed regardless of the size of the project. When ABEC works for a client, I know the client's needs will be completely satisfied.

I look forward to working with ABEC on future design build projects as well as having ABEC be the installing contractor on my company's traditional design projects.

Daron Christy, PE  /  Owner & Operator  /  DRC Engineering

We are writing to express our appreciation and congratulations for the outstanding work that was performed by your company on the O'Charley's Meat Plant Addition. All aspects of the electrical work, including the approach and performance, were completed in a very timely, professional and competent manner.

O'Charley's Incorporated had a problem. The existing meat plant facility was inadequate to meet the planned growth of the restaurant chain. The problem was solved with the assistance of the team from ABEC Electrical Contractors and SSOE, Inc., Architects and Engineers. We worked together to transform over 62,000 sq. ft. of old warehouse space into a modern meat processing facility.

The project required coordination with separate HVAC and Refrigeration Contractors. Further complicating the project was the 'fluidity' of the process equipment layout. Despite these issues the 'unknowns' of working within an existing structure, ABEC Electric completed the electrical installion in an efficient and timely manner.

We congratulate ABEC Electric on a job well done and a satisfied client. We look forward to working with you again.

Lee Munz  /  Director, Business Development  /  SSOE, Inc.

ABEC Electric was a sub for a general contractor called BACAR Constructors on a project for O'Charley's Commissary. The project consisted of a $5.7 million dollar project to build a new meat plant that cuts primary meat down into steaks. The plant also produces ground beef.

O'Charley's Commissary meat plant provides the steaks, beef tips, and ground beef for its 200 O'Charley's restaurants and its six Stoney River steakhouses. The plant is USDA regulated.

ABEC Electric was a key part of the project as an electrical contractor, as we installed state-of-the-art equipment that included PLCs, process controls, packaging equipment, and in-line scaling equipment that measures yield and productivity of individual cutters.

ABEC Electric did neat and professional installation of all electrical components and wiring. Control cabinets were labeled correctly, all drops were in correct position, and they were on schedule for all time periods of the project. The crew was helpful and courteous. I definitely would recommend them for future work, as we were pleased with the outcome of the project.

Dwight Pflipsen  /  Director of Manufacturing  /  O'Charley's Commissary

Please allow this letter to serve as our congratulations to you, your staff and electricians for your excellent work on the new meat plant for O'Charley's. We deeply appreciate your "can do" attitude, attention to detail and craftsmanship your company demonstrated. Time and again your company offered suggestions that saved our client money, headed off future problems or improved their meat production process. Your jobsite foreman and electricians understood their work, worked well with the other trades and always demonstrated professional behavior while working in tight quarters. We especially valued the way you took control of the electrical work associated with moving and hooking up the owner's new and existing equipment.

We will not hesitate to use your firm for similar projects.

Andrew G. Zimmerman  /  Project Manager  /  BACAR Constructors, Inc.

Thank you for the quick, professional, quality work at Nashville Bun Company.

In early Spring we got word that Nashville Bun Company, LLC won the opportunity to serve 3,400 McDonald's Restaurants the new Hearth Chicken Bun... IF we could be ready for the National Rollout by early June. Gulp! The building would need 12,000 additional sq. ft. and over 6 million dollars of bakery equipment installed, wired and ready to roll in time.

YOU did it!!! 96 days from start to finish... thanks to your organized approach... and attention to details... we had a newly remodeled office and new corporate office (approximately 10,000 sq. ft.) with all new lighting, electrical, video equipment, fire alarms, etc. Soon thereafter you completed 12,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing, renovated another 20,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing, and installed the electrical for the baker equipment. The team of professionals were on top of the project from start to finish. We are very pleased with your work, your professionalism, your completion time. It was also great to know the cost, and timeframe, and for your estimates to be correct. Refreshing!

Please know that we look forward to working with you on our next project. ABEC has really impressed me.

Thank you so much.

Cordia Harrington  /  Nashville Bun Company

The bakery addition to the Nashville Bun Company was a multifaceted project with an aggressive eleven week schedule from the groundbreaking to owner occupancy. Electrically, in addition to the new building it required a new service, renovation of the existing new plant and equipment control packages and hookup. This was made more challenging as a majority of the equipment was used with no controls or wiring diagrams.

ABEC Electric Company met this challenge and completed all tasks on or ahead of schedule. This at times meant working seven days per week and sixteen hours per day. At all times, this project was properly manned with all needed materials there on time. The coordination between their office and onsite management was excellent.

In forty years of building projects from one million square feet to fifty million dollars, I have not worked with a more professional well managed organization.

Steve Beggrow  /  President/CEO  /  SCS Construction, Inc.

We are writing this to express our appreciation for the outstanding work that was performed by your company on the Hot Topic Distribution facility. With 300,000 square feet of: office, conveyors and warehouse space, your skilled foreman and electricians met the challenge and completed all aspects of the work in a very timely, competent and professional manner.

After the job was complete, you continued to provide good service as we needed to add several more electrical devices and in testing our emergency power systems.

We wish you the best and thank you for a job well done. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Ron Persons  /  Facility Manager  /  Hot Topic

ABEC Electric played an integral role in helping Crescent Resources meet the needs of our tenant, Hot Topic. Throughout the project, ABEC overcame many challenges which included: 

  • Major Computer Facility (Backup to the California main computer)

  • A very large emergency generator

  • A conveyor system

  • Four large air rotation units

Because of their willingness to accommodate and desire to be a part of the team, they were able to make it happen for Crescent Resources and Hot Topic. Their speed and flexibility was definitely a key element in the success of this project.

Patrick G. Emery  /  Regional Vice President  /  Crescent Resources, LLC

I just wanted to let you know how much T.W. Frierson appreciated ABEC's involvement in this extremely successful job.

Your design build approach to this job was efficient and the pro-active response from your staff and field crews were integral to completing this fast track job on time and in budget. The construction of a complete and operational state of the art data center in the tenant build out phase of this project was a tremendous success.

Please thank your construction team for their efforts in making this an award-winning job!

Benjamin Eberle  /  Project Manager  /  T.W. Frierson Contractor, Inc.

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