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ABEC Electric Service Department is here 24/7 to assist with all your electrical needs, whether an emergency or not. We also provide several specialized services to keep your electrical systems performing at top efficiency and reliability.


With two certified thermographers on staff, we are able to utilize Thermographic Imaging to pinpoint potential problems before they are the cause of an unscheduled power disruption. Usually these disruptions are costly in time and the expense of repairing or replacing damaged electrical equipment.


Hand in glove with the thermographic inspection, we are able to offer preventative maintenance service for your electrical equipment. Complete service, including circuit breaker and ground fault testing, is key to years of trouble free operation and the ability to correct potential problems before they become catastrophic failures.


Is it possible your electrical system is costing more to operate than it should? It could be. With our power quality analyzers, we may be able to identify inefficiencies in your system such as poor power factor or harmonics frequency components that are wasting energy (think dollars) in the form of excess heat and utility provider penalties.


Are you in compliance with the requirements of NFPA 70E? We can help. With our data gathering and strategic partnerships with engineers who specialize in the calculations necessary for a complete fault current analysis; we can help bring you into full compliance while making your facility a safer place.


Would you like to upgrade the lighting in your facility? We can help. ABEC Electric offers the latest in efficient lighting fixtures and controls. With the design software available we take the guess work out. You will know what to expect when we are finished. As a TVA Preferred Partner, we are able to assist you in claiming the maximum amount of rebate monies available for energy efficient upgrades.


Is your fire alarm system outdated or even inoperable? We can help. ABEC Electric can offer upgrades to your existing system or install a completely new system from design to certification.

For any service mentioned here; contact us for the help you need.

ABEC Electric - Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
ABEC Electric - Power Analysis
ABEC Electric - Power Analysis
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